Vinyl Planking

When installed correctly, the carefully crafted vinyl tiles and planks made today easily mimic wood, tile, and natural stones. Best known for its affordability, water-proof durability, and the realistic detail homeowners are looking for, vinyl is quickly becoming the #1 requested choice here at West Coast Carpet & Tile.
Advantages of Vinyl:

Many planks are backed with felt or foam like material, ranking it 2nd to carpet in softness over wood and tile. Vinyl also only requires a basic sweep and mop to maintain, making it one of the easiest alternative flooring options for busy homeowners who don't want to be a slave to their space on the weekends. You can easily have the best of both worlds with vinyl planking because it is both budget-friendly AND attractive. It's cheaper than the real thing, and far less obvious than laminate or linoleum.

WCCT carries top of the line vinyl products by manufacturers who are so confident in their products they (in many cases) offer warranties of 15+yrs. We can easily install directly over your existing sub floor, reducing time and labor costs. We back all of our work and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today for a FREE quote, request samples, or speak directly to one of our professionals about vinyl planking today.

Unsure if vinyl offers the durability your family needs?

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